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Monday Challenge 12.23.13 – Why People Don’t Change and 10 Regrets

Almost Christmas, but definitely Monday. Time for a challenge. Enjoy the articles!

Link of the Week

Here are some great thoughts on why people don’t change.

Question: If you work with people, how do you deal with your frustrations?

The Christian Faith

1. Grace. We all need it – more and more. Here’s a very practical article about it.

Question: Is one-way love difficult for you to deal with?

2. Good thoughts here: 9 reasons to pray.

Question: Which one stood out the most?

3. The Duck Dynasty things are going to be a part of our culture. Even if you don’t like them, you should know how to talk about them. Here is a good summary of thoughts.

Question: What attitude do you have toward those with whom you disagree?

10 regrets.

Here’s a quick list of 10 things you’ll regret. At the very least, this made me think. Thought I’d share.

Question: Do you have regrets? If so, are they healthy or unhealthy?

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