Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 12.18.17 – Evangelicals, Sexual Reckoning, Suffering at Christmas


In just seven days we celebrate our Savior’s birth. For now, how about a few challenging articles?


Like many, I struggle to define this term. Culture has blurred its meaning. But, Russell Moore challenges Christians who say they bank their relationship with God on faith in Christ and the truth of His Word.

Question: How, specifically, did this article speak to you?

Sexual Reckoning

How should we think in light of the sexual reckoning going on among us?

Question: What kind of atmosphere do you help create?

Suffering and the Holidays

What suffering people wish you would do at the holidays.

Question: Who can you support and in what way as a result of reading this?

Family and the Holidays

Hopefully “Family and the Holidays” doesn’t mix with “Suffering and the Holidays” for you. We all know family gatherings can present challenges. This article offers a lot of suggestions.

Question: What can you put into practice this Christmas after reading this?

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