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Monday Challenge 12.11.17 – Love Despite Dementia, Learn India!, Suffering

Good Monday morning!

Not so good? I can’t change that, but I can challenge it. Enjoy these articles and reflect on what you learn!

Learn India

How about a simple challenge to learn some geography and history? This video about India is less than 15 minutes and will teach you a lot!

Question: How often do you get the chance to just simply learn?

A Testimony of Love

This testimony of love despite his wife’s dementia is exactly the type of challenge to faithfulness we need!

Question: Could you do the same?


Is suffering ever the road you would choose?

Question: What can God do on the road you wouldn’t choose?

Ministry and Numbers

To what extent do we evaluate ministry by numbers? This article presents some alternatives.

Question: How do you evaluate the ministries you serve?

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