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Monday Challenge 11.6.17 – Disability, Sleep, Lottery, Cuban Baseball

Good Monday Morning!

We just got our son out of bed and out the door to the bus in five minutes flat. Feeling rather accomplished following dual alarm failure!

That said, who’s up for a challenge? Good topics and questions here…

The Best and Worst Time for Disability

Tim Challies says it’s the best – and worst – time to be disabled.

Question: Does this challenge your view of abortion?

The Lottery

Joe Carter says lotteries exploit the poor as a tax. Before you roll your eyes, give it a read.

Question: Would this change your lottery habits or views?

Cuban Baseball Players

Speaking of exploitation, this ESPN The Magazine article gives a fascinating look inside the hopes and dreams of many Cubans seeking paydirt in U.S. baseball.

Question: How could MLB help solve this problem?

Link Dump…

About sleep – some interesting stats.

Who wants to take a theological quiz?


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