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Monday Challenge 11.3.14 – Reformation vs. Catholicism, Christians Defending Rights, Creative 911 Call

It’s Monday again. I hope that means you’re looking forward at least to another challenge.

To make Monday a little fun, let me begin to promote a BLOG GIVE-AWAY. Next Monday, I will announce a nice prize and how you can enter. What makes the Thought Driven Action giveaway a lot of fun is that your odds of winning are pretty good. Get psyched up for that!

Okay, on to today’s challenge: four great articles. I’ll be by on Friday with a feature on the article that gets the most clicks in today’s post.

Link of the Week

The Reformation: the relationship between Catholics and Protestants in 2014. October 31st was the anniversary of one of the Reformation’s key beginnings, so this article is well timed and worth the read.

Question: Do you have a better feel on this important dynamic after reading this article? How so?

Christian Faith

1. Is it right for Christians to defend their rights? Or, should we just turn the other cheek? This article gives a great Biblical look.

Question: Is religious liberty on your radar? Why or why not?

2. Here’s another great article from Kevin DeYoung. Corporate worship is part of the rhythm of Christian life. He shares great thoughts in this article about how we should approach worship to get the most out of it.

Question: Which point of the article will you put into practice this week?


Here is a look at a very creative 911 call.

Question: Does this prompt you to think about what you’d do in a similar situation?

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