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Monday Challenge 11.25.13 – Highlight: Require Children’s Obedience

One month from today is Christmas.  Good thing we’re not doing tons of shopping.  I am excited for Advent as it begins this week, and I’m excited to celebrate Thanksgiving this week as well.  For now, it’s time to be challenged. Let these articles challenge the way you think – and act!

Link of the Week

Parents, require obedience of your children.  There are lots of practical examples and helps, to explain why parents should require obedience.  I am moved and challenged by this personally and gladly share it – I hope you are challenged too!

Question: Which point challenged you the most?


1. Here is a great discipleship principle you can use immediately.  I love that Pastor Gallaty is very focused on discipleship.  I have never spoken to him, but I have been blessed by his site, his writings, and his passion.  If you subscribe to things or follow people, let me recommend him as a great resource if you’re serious about making disciples (hint: as a believer, you should be).

Question: What is the biggest benefit of implementing the principle of discipleship mentioned here?

2. Struggling with being effective in relationships? Here is Paul Tripp with some great advice on relationships and how they work.

Question: On point #3, how does this get confused in your life?

Teens and Parents of Teens

Here is an article that is challenging.  Please please never underestimate how much you should think before you spread an image of yourself.

Question: How easy is it for you to do something you regret?

A Lesson from the World of Sports

We should watch what we say.  This is a great lesson about why.

Question: Do you ever say things you shouldn’t just to make a point?


  1. All of the points from the Children’s Obedience article were really good…gave us a lot to think about. Currently the 2 most challenging points would have to be 5 with a mix in of 4. We want our children to behave in public…and we are more willing to “cave in” in public so there is not a scene, but reading I am seeing that because we tend to let certain things slide at home because it is not worth the battle on something we deem as “small” we are showing our kids that if they begin to fuss or disobey then at a point we are going to give in because it isn’t worth the battle…so should they start a battle in public they will quickly get their way because they know we see some battles as not worth the fight. This doesn’t happen too often, but enough for it to strike home…some things to work on for sure. Thanks for the article…I LOVE parenting articles…you can never learn enough.

  2. KevinBurkholder says:

    Jen, great thoughts. I would agree – as parents we can never learn enough. We have learned so much lately regarding one of ours it’s been thrilling to get past some obstacles. Articles like this one help with specific, clear reminders that are very good things to think about. I love how he points out that it’s about the Gospel! Ultimately, that’s the authority we want them to have.

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