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Monday Challenge 11.14.16 – Election Reactions: Black Christians, Fear, Media


If you’re like a lot of Americans, you have some sort of opinion regarding the election. The following articles made me think in one way or another. Be challenged!

African American Christians

This challenging article makes a white Christian think about Trump’s election from a different perspective.

Question: How does perception affect efforts at reconciliation?

Loving Those in Fear

This article challenges believers to love those left in fear following Trump’s election.

Question: How could you put this into practice today?

A Pastor’s Letter To His Church

Yes, we have a new president. But…

Question: How can Scripture-anchored beliefs shape the way we think about controversial issues?

The Media

Since the White House will clear out, should we demand the media do the same?

Question: Would fresh voices help or only perpetuate more of the same?


  1. Andi Moretz says:

    It’s hard to accept the reality that Donald Trump won. Early in his campaign he drew lines between the races, incited violence at his rallies, and lied to garner support of the 26% of registered voters that elected him. It’s not the today that I am afraid of- it’s the big picture for tomorrow. The consequences of giving such a man this position will surely have consequences on our country for years to come. I don’t think my belief in God will encourage me to support him. My belief in God actually tells me NOT to support him! Trump is the antithesis of God or anything godly. Praying for America! Not supporting our president elect is the harder Christian thing to do !

    • Andi I understand your frustration regarding the president-elect. I would be sure to read the first article I linked to today. It talks about believers’ responsibilities to government even if we don’t like who is in power. God bless!

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