Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 11.13.17 – God and Pain, God and Disappointment, Tough Moral Questions

Okay, okay, Monday doesn’t relent. I get it. It happens.

Why not indulge your mind in a challenge?

Can God’s Word Ease My Pain?

The question challenges us to think – carefully, I hope.

Question: How does this article encourage you regarding God’s Word?

God’s Ministry of Disappointment

Disappointment doesn’t mean God is hiding or absent. He can use it to minister to us.

Question: How can God use your disappointment?

Leaders and Hobbies

Good article, good challenge.

Question: Do you have ways to get that all important R&R?

Tough Moral Questions

Leaders should be ready for tough moral questions. Any believer should prepare as well.

Question: What will you say and why?

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