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Monday Challenge 10.7.13

It’s another Monday. Time for another round of articles I came across in the past week.  Take some time, sink into one or two (or all of them), and be challenged!

Link of the Week

Here are some sites that parents, children’s and youth workers should know about. They’re where young people are going after Facebook’s lure fades.

Question: Do you feel naive to such sites? Is it important that you know about them? Why or why not?

Christian Faith

1. So, the Pope is saying some pretty confusing things.  I gleaned a lot from this approach.

Question: Do you tend to judge too quickly? Does this article help you if you do?

2. Here’s an excellent example of how to hope in a difficult situation.

Question: Even if it seems like something is not right, do you approach it positively or negatively?

3. How worried should we be about climate change?

Question: What all goes into interpretation of scientific data?

4. Money: Are you a slave to your kids?

Question: What are one or two ways this article challenged you? I’m still processing this one. The premise is a difficult one!

5. Show this to a new believer. Or, if you’re a more mature believer, read it so you know what it’s like to be a new believer!

Question: How out of touch are you with new believers? If one came to you for help, would you know where to start?


Here are 9 things to know about casinos.  Yes, this is a website by Christians, but it has good info nonetheless.

Question: Does this make you think about your opinion on gambling?

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