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Monday Challenge 10.6.14 – Happy God’s Way, Dating Wisely, Religious Violence

Here it is: Monday again. I hope you’re up for a few challenging articles. No matter what phase of life you are in, you’ll find something here to challenge you. Friday I’ll feature the article that got the most clicks.

Link of the Week – Dating Wisely

Dating. It’s something we’ve created in some sense. But the principles outlined here do show a lot of wisdom. I’d encourage sharing this with someone early teens through marriage.

Question: Is there any specific way this articled challenged your perspective on dating?

The Christian Faith

1. What should Christians think about religious violence? This article should help.

Question: What’s the strongest point about the article for you?

2. How to be happy – God’s way.

Question: Which of these specific principles do you need to put into practice today?

3. Loving “Negative Nancy”. This is a great read on dealing with negative people – as a pastor or otherwise.

Question: How can you deal differently with negative people?

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