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Monday Challenge 10.23.17 – Boy Scouts, Horrific Adoption, Luther Anti-Jew

Good morning,

Or…well, as good as Monday morning can be? If nothing else, perhaps these article will stir your noggin!

Boy Scouts

What a great look at what the Boy Scouts lose by allowing girls.

Question: Is “loss” a part of our vocabulary when struggling with gender decisions such as these? Why or why not?

Horrific Adoption

Horrific may fall short of describing the reality of this. Tears and prayers, but worth the read.

Question: Could anyone have prevented this?

In Despair

What can the Red Sea story teach you in despair?

Question: How can this part of God’s Word specifically encourage you in despair?


Yes, Luther wrote anti-Semite themes. This article helps us react.

Question: How do you react when “heroes” have distinct flaws? What role does God’s grace play?

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