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Monday Challenge 10.20.14 – Your Church Needs You, Male Body Hatred, Mayor Subpoenas Sermons,

What a weird collection of articles this week. I was challenged by all of them for sure. I hope you are challenged too. Maybe a special note at the bottom for you regular blog readers . . .

Link of the Week

Seven things your church needs from you.

Question: Which of the seven is the biggest challenge for you?

The Mayor Did What?

Yes, the mayor of Houston recently subpoenaed the sermons (?!) of a handful of city pastors. Beyond ridiculous. Here’s a great response from Russell Moore.

Question: Do you think America will come to a point where the government tries to control pastors?

Male Body Hatred

Let’s just say I found this article interesting. It’s about male body hatred.

Question: Men (and women), What is a new, healthier way you will look at your body after reading this? How widespread do you think this is?

Christians in Hollywood

Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, God’s Not Dead) has some really good thoughts about Christians in Hollywood.

Question: How valid do you think his point is? Is money enough for Hollywood to listen?

Fall Blog Giveaway – 

Yes, yes, yes! The time is drawing near. After missing last year, this year we are preparing for the return of the fall blog giveaway. Prize is yet to be determined, but stay tuned. Drawing will probably be Monday Nov. 9.


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