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Monday Challenge 1.4.16 – Black Fathers, Start Fresh, Fake Fruit of the Spirit

March for justice for victims of police violence.

March for justice for victims of police violence.

Happy Monday! It’s the first Monday of 2016, and also the first Monday Challenge. I hope these article will challenge your thinking and perspective.

Black Fathers

I’ll say this to challenge: as a white father, I don’t understand the way black fathers think when black boys are dead and no one stands legally accountable. Articles like this help.

Question: Did this article help you see a perspective you hadn’t thought about before?

Starting Fresh

If you need a fresh start in 2016, visit here for many options to help.

Question: What will help sustain goals for change in 2016?

Fake Fruit of the Spirit

This article really challenges our motives. I will read this several times in the coming week as it has already sparked good discussion in our home. We can very easily fake the fruit of the Spirit.

Question: Which of the specific characteristics do you most readily fake?

Read the Entire Bible in 2016

See five reasons why here. This also includes some places to help get started. It’s not too late!

Question: Do you use a Bible reading plan? Why or why not?

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