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Monday Challenge 1.2.17 – Akron 2016, Mercy and Sexuality, God Broke In


Good Monday Morning! Happy New Year!

I hope most of you get some extra time today. If not, how about a good challenge anyhow?

Christmas – God Broke In!

This one from the Christmas genre still offers value even though the season has passed. Skimming the bold points should stir our affections for the reality of Christmas!

Question: How did this article increase your knowledge and worship of God?

Mercy and Sexuality

How does the cross of Christ influence what we think about self fulfilling human love? A single female, well aware of the challenges of Christianity’s restrictions on human love, writes with grace and power.

Question: How do you see a connection between the cross of Christ and restrictions on human love?

End of Year Giving Appeals

This article sheds some light as believers surely received many end of the year giving appeals.

Question: How can you prioritize your giving and financial support?

Happy New Year!

This story highlighted Akron’s highlights from 2016 in a very helpful way. I love my city!

Question: How does remembering yearly highlights help cast perspective?


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