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Monday Challenge 1.18.16 – White Privilege, Sick and Dying, The Trinity


Good news. Or bad news? It’s Monday! I hope the following articles challenge you. They certainly made me think.

White privilege

Listen, I don’t agree with everything about every article I post. But this one contains tons of food for thought. As we pause on the holiday named for Martin Luther King, Jr., take some time and read this challenge about white privilege.

I preached yesterday that my love for Jesus must lead me to confess I don’t know everything. This article has challenged me in helping me learn about things I just don’t understand.

Question: What, to you, is the most challenging insight in this article?

Those Sick and Dying

Kevin DeYoung gives some good instruction on ministering to those sick and dying. You may not do this for a living, but odds are you will do it at some point in your life.

Question: What from this article can you use if you find yourself in this difficult situation?

Sin Is Atrocious

Yes. It really is. Let this short read speak to your perspective on your sin.

Question: Is it too easy for you to dismiss or ignore your sin? Why or why not?

Father, Son, and Spirit

The Trinity is a complex, yet wonderful doctrine showing God as Father, Son, and Spirit. This article gives some basic and straightforward information to help orient you to what the doctrine does and doesn’t mean.

Question: Why should the average believer care about the Trinity?

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