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Link Highlight from Week of 2.20.12 – Teens and freedom

A great article from last week is the highlight, as it got the most clicks.  I was gone a couple days at the end of last week and wanted to post this before posting today’s links and bullets:

The role of freedom in raising teens.

One comment on this article.

1. Big difference between control and discernment.

I really believe it is best to teach kids how to discern what is right.  In going with this model, there are a few things the parent must admit: 1) they’re not  in control 2) the kids will make mistakes.

Parents should KNOW their kids will make mistakes, and that ultimately kids need to have resources to make good decisions.  I don’t want to give in to that tendency to take too much responsibility for what my kids do.  The biggest thing I want to do is give them the tools to make the right decisions, then pray like crazy they make the right decisions.

Personally, I grew up in an environment that encouraged my freedom as I showed responsibility, much as this article suggests.  I certainly made mistakes, but I also had tools to understand which decisions were good and which were harmful.

Parents: it is critical to determine how you will encourage responsibility in your kids and how you will give them the tools to make good decisions. God’s Word is good (the best!), specifically Proverbs is excellent for practical wisdom.  I would simply encourage good discussions as a place to start.


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