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Link Highlight 7.7.12 – How well do you wait?

I’ve chosen to feature this article from my Monday post.  It’s short, so read it:

A few of my own thoughts:

1. I hate waiting, so this is challenging.

I just got frustrated at Google docs this morning because it wasn’t loading fast.  Stupid Google.  Seriously, this is a challenging article about waiting and should speak to some of or control, frustration, and anger issues from a godly perspective.

2. It’s not about me. Or you.

“It ain’t about me” would be the grammatically terrible way to put this.  But waiting forces me and everyone else to remember that we don’t really have the control we seek.  From my first point, do I really think there’s something I can do to get Google’s pages to load better? Really? For a more serious situation, it’s VERY good practice to realize how small we are and how much control we DON’T have.

3. God is provider.

This one really spoke as well.  Giving up control is one thing.  Giving up the thought I can truly provide for myself or others is another thing.  I praise God every day for His provision.  Lord, help us to wait and to recognize how small we are.  Conversely, help us see how big you are!

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