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Link Highlight 2.16.13 – A straight forward article about gay marriage.

I posted this article in Monday’s links and bullets.

Out of all the articles I posted this week, this got the most interest.  Take it or leave it, regardless it’s a challenge for believers to think.

I generally think the approach of a lot of Christians to gay marriage is awful.  Most don’t have any knowledge at all of the issue.  This article gives us some good insight, whatever our exposure to the issue.

PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE. (click on the link above)

Then, here area few of my own thoughts.

1. Love is absent in the Christian church’s general response to this issue.

When you don’t know something, you fear it.  And, fear drives people to do and say lots of stupid things.  The second point of this article is love.  How do you love?  Here is a good example from someone who was made famous this summer for “hating” gays.  He doesn’t.  And this is exactly how Christians should respond.  (I encourage you to read this article also).  It MUST be possible to disagree and love at the same time.

We are called to overcome evil with good.  We should be prepared to do this kind of good.

If you’re a Christian and you’re commenting about gay marriage and you’re not prepared to do something like this, then shut your mouth.  You’re making the Bible and your Savior look horrible.

2. Be open and honest about the topic, especially with your family.

It’s not a bad thing to teach your family appropriately about this issue.  I think parents should want their children to hear God’s truth from them, not get their information from a bunch of other sources and then compare it to what you have to say.  When appropriate, be proactive.  Communicate the difficult issue.  Do so in love.

Have a great weekend.  As always, be challenged!



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