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Friday (Saturday) Link Highlight 5.13.11

Didn’t get to this last Friday as I was traveling, and one day late this week.  Here goes with some thoughts on the highest clicked link from my Monday post this week.

This week’s link of interest was about McDonald’s revamping its stores.

Read the article here.

A few thoughts:

1.  Change.  I think a lot of people are comfortable living day to day with things.  Whether it’s business, church, school, organizations, or any other facet of life, it is rare for people to make decisions based on what they want 10-15 years down the road.  What is your tolerance for change and how does it influence your decision making?

2.  Risk.  McDonald’s is hardly claiming to love Jesus, but as I Christian I am more and more becoming enamored by the idea of risk.  We only live once.  We shouldn’t waste resources, but taking a risk is okay.  McDonald’s happens to be taking a $1 BILLION risk, but hey, that’s capitalism isn’t it?

3.  Capitalism.  As nifty as the new restaurants are, did you catch the theme in the article about trying to squash your opponents?  Well, interesting, isn’t it?  Not nice, not fair, not all Ronald should go give Wendy a hug.  No, it’s we have a lot of money and we’re going to make a move to try to squash you.  For better or worse, that’s how we should evaluate this.  It’s the economic system we live in and it’s how decisions get made.

Hope this is some food for thought.  Enjoy a good weekend everyone!

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