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Friday Link Highlight 9.28.12 – 10 myths about premarital sex

Here is the link that drew the most interest from Monday’s post.

10 myths about premarital sex.  This article is really worth the read for anyone who cares about children & teens.  It’s good food for thought.

Here are a few of my own thoughts:

1. Statistics only say so much.

The bottom line is you can’t know exactly who is represented in statistics.  Stats will say all kinds of funky things, but it’s really hard to discern sometimes because you have to take a lot of factors into account before accepting a poll’s results.  The bottom line as it relates to pre-marital sex?  There ARE people who value monogamous, long term relationships.  I prefer to call that marriage of course, but it IS still a cultural value and you CAN find people who support it.

2. It DOES matter.

Sex isn’t something to do to have fun or to keep a relationship alive.  It’s certainly something you don’t do under pressure.  If you’re unmarried and reading this, know that your decision to keep yourself pure for your future spouse is something that WILL pay off in the long run.  It IS worth it!

3. Living together before marriage is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

Even as shaky as stats can be, whatever research is available on this topic does not favor cohabitation.  The Bible says there shouldn’t be a hint of sexual immorality among you (Eph. 5:3).  Let the truth of Jesus transform your heart and get married before you live with someone!

Have a great Friday and a great weekend everyone.

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