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Friday Link Highlight 9.2.11 – Still a Baseball Great

This week’s link that drew the most interest (honestly) has to do with one of my favorite baseball players of all time, probably second to Don Mattingly in my level of interest.  So here’s the clip from ESPN:

A few thoughts about this clip’s content:

1.  I do not live in a fantasy world.

Derek Jeter is simply not as good now as he was several years ago.  But great players still find a way to get it done at older ages and that’s what’s exciting about the turn-around Jeter has had.  He is crushing the ball now compared to many wimpy infield singles earlier in the year.  His production over the past couple months (minus some power) has been as good as any other point in his career.

2.  His criticism from earlier in the year was NOT unfair.

It is okay to criticize super-star players, especially when they’re playing terribly.  Jeter was not playing well earlier in the year, but the caution in doing so has to be exercised.  It’s why the Red Sox never fired Big Papi after he got off to terrible starts for a couple of years recently.  Great players still have great streaks and possibly great seasons left in them.

3.  I admire Jeter because he’s steady and dedicated.

Even into his early 30’s Derek Jeter was trying to become a better defensive shortstop.  A lot of times fans miss the fact that these players make so much money it’s ridiculous.  If I made that much money, it would be impossible for me to play for that long – I’d take the money and go do something with it after a few years.  Honestly.  So to me the ones that stay motivated over the long haul truly play hard and try to improve simply because it’s in their character to do so.  I admire that.

Have a great Friday everyone.

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