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Friday Link Highlight 8.19.11 – Four Kinds of People

Here is this week’s link that generated the highest interest:

It’s about four ways people interact with God.

Some comments to make you think:

1. We all want God to be happy with us.

Okay, maybe not all of us.  But lots of people do.  Problem is, a lot of people are truly mistaken about how we can please God.  Forming a relationship with God is  by NO MERIT of our own.

2. We ARE rewarded for good behavior, but only AFTER real life-changing belief.

With the article focusing quite a bit on insecurities and their link to our misguided attempts to relate to God, this is huge.  NO WORK is going to change God’s willingness to accept you, but the believer who is truly saved and truly grateful for God’s work in their life joyously works for the rewards they’ll only see in the next life.

3. Be the right one!

Person #4 in this example really  has one key element: FREEDOM.  Not freedom to do what they want, but freedom to obey joyfully without being a thorn to others.  Freedom in Christ releases us from comparisons, weak self-esteem, and the strongholds of judgment.  Freedom also allows us to truthfully love and challenge others without having to worry about what everyone thinks about us.

What would people say you are?  And if you’re claiming to be a believer in Christ, which ones of 1-3 do you tend toward?

Have a great Friday everyone . . .


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