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Friday Link Highlight 7.15.11

One of the links I posted Monday that seemed to draw the most interest was this one about the dark consequences of unforgiveness:

I hope you’ll take time to read it.  It should challenge each of us.  Here are some additional thoughts:

We all do this.

It is very difficult to imagine that at some point in our lives we haven’t been guilty of it.  It’s fascinating to read about things and think they apply to everyone else, but this applies to us.

It makes us feel better about ourselves.

When we don’t forgive, it is very easy to feel better about ourselves.  As the article talked about, feeling like we have power over people makes us feel good.  It’s also a horrible expression of pride.  I hope and pray that anyone reading this will consider letting go of situations where not forgiving has falsely built our self confidence.

Forgiveness IS better.

There is no doubt that forgiveness releases us of many of the emotions that lead us to sin.  It’s harder to forgive, especially when you don’t think someone deserves it, but there’s no doubt that the benefits outweigh the control it brings.  Life is short.  It’s difficult to imagine why we’d think it’s worth it to spin our wheels in situations where just forgiving someone would make so much of a difference – for us and most likely them as well.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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