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Friday Link Highlight 5.24.13 – Over-eating: Diet problem, or sin problem?

This article from Monday’s post got the most clicks.  Check it out:

The question is good: is over eating mostly just a diet problem, or a sin problem?

A few of my own comments:

1. There are no “acceptable” sins. 

The church has lots of acceptable sins.  Gossip, pride, materialism are among sins that are easy to let slip. I don’t care if it’s over-eating or over-exercising (yes, even physical fitness can become an idol), sin is sin.

So, if over-eating is a struggle, please take it seriously.  Not only will it affect your physical health. More importantly, it can damage your spiritual relationship.

2. Please don’t deny it is a sin.

If I tried to tell you that my occasional outbursts of anger are no big deal in God’s eyes, would you believe me? Surely you’d have some questions.  I’d say the same with over-eating.  Please don’t deny it.  This article does a good job of making us think this through.  I think by extension that believer should also consider how much junk they eat. Anything can become an idol – we must be very careful.

3. Practical help.

Check out this website for some practical help.  I do know of some people who have used this to some degree of success.

Always be thinking.  Always be challenged.  Know that Jesus died to save us from all our sins, so don’t over-focus on this one if you struggle with it.  While the results may be visible, it can be overcome and your identity is in Christ, not your body image.  Pursue Him in everything and give Him the glory!

Have a great weekend.

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