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Read the following article which drew the most interest from my Monday post:

That’s right, there is no Biblical formula for raising good kids.  It’s a challenging read, isn’t it?

Now, that doesn’t mean there are no guidelines.  There are plenty of those.  Here are a few thoughts.

1.  Don’t turn your successes into formulas.

The bottom line is what works for your kids may not work for other kids.  Same with parents.  There are hard and fast things every child needs and every parent is responsible for (Biblically), but let’s try to distinguish our kids’ strengths from rules that should apply to everyone.

2. Love the point about reliance on God.

The people on their stump about parenting often lose this.  Great parenting comes out of submissions to and reliance on God, not one person’s emphasis and teaching.  If there was some neat formula, we would definitely lose our need for faith in the specific situations that come our way.  Love this point!

3. Get your kids to the cross.  Often.

Continuing to repeat to them that the only thing that can save them is the cross of Christ will be a constant reminder that your ability to parent can’t do it.  Neither can any formula someone comes up with. 

Be challenged and chew on this!

Have a great Friday everyone.

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