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Friday Link Highlight 4.15.11 – Beautiful Pictures!

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is this week’s top link:

A few thoughts:

Aren’t these just spectacular?

First, let’s just call a spade a spade – these photos are wonderful.  I’m glad there are people on this earth who love to do this sort of thing.  I’m also glad there is this thing called the internet where we can view and share this sort of stuff.


How about worship?  Do photos like this make you want to worship God?  They do for me and I hope they will for you as well. Here’s an additional thought.  As big and vast as our world is, the universe is bigger.  The photos we see are of a planet that is very small in comparison to the rest of the universe.  Yet, life dwells here, and here alone.  So, is the universe about man, or about God?  My God is so big . . .

Yet He Loves

Yet God loves us.  As small as this place is in the grand scope of things, and as smaller yet we as humans are, He still loves us.  He still sent His Son to die for us.  If we will receive His promises, He will fill our lives with deep joy.  Neither the heaviest baggage we carry, the darkest parts of our past and present, nor any fear or failure can stop God’s love from changing our lives.  The God of this big earth and big, big universe loves even you and me.  Will His love change your heart and life?

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