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Friday Link Highlight 4.13.12 “Don’t Date a Fool”

Here is this week’s link that got the most traffic from my Monday post:

Don’t date a fool.

Here are a few comments:

1. Wisdom

The Bible is full of good wisdom. It helps us make good judgments. The exposition of these nuggets from Proverbs could not be more spot on.

2. What if you’re dating a fool?

The end of the article suggests calling sin sin and calling off the relationship. I wouldn’t be too quick on this. I feel like an individual needs to be given a chance to repent first. This was true in my early relationship with Julie and several others I’ve talked to.

3. The strongest one to me is…

The one about a fool folding his hands. Again, a guy with not much of a work ethic should be given a quick chance to get it in gear, but in my experience this has been one where either guys have it or they don’t and no amount of nagging will change it. And the author is right: no trip down the aisle will change it.

Have a great Friday!

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