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Friday Link Highlight 10.5.12

Here is this week’s highest clicked link from Monday’s post:

A strong look at bitterness in our hearts.

This really is a great read.  Here are a few of my thoughts:

1. Sin is tempting.

The first paragraph of this article comes out blistering with something we must remember: sin happens.  It is a fallen and broken world we live in. No doubt about that.  So, whether it’s a public sin or a private sin, we should be aware of how we tend to them – and know the proper course to stop it.

2. We must know that it’s easier to avoid the outward sin than the inward sin.

The sin where you chew someone out, hurt them, etc. is sin that is just as damaging to our hearts as the sin by where we actually carry out those acts.  TRUTH.

3. Let God be the Judge.

Death doesn’t seem appealing to most people on most days.  But death (and the end of time) is when we’ll understand God’s justice.  In the meantime, the harsh reality is we may have to let Jesus’ love transform us until justice is truly given.  And we must also be willing to admit that our view of justice is tainted anyway.  We’re not always right.

Be challenged – have a great weekend!

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