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Friday Link Highlight 1.25.13 – Please don’t have an identity crisis!

Check out all the links from Monday’s post here.  This week’s most clicked link was written by a friend of mine:

Do you have an identity crisis?

PLEASE read this article.  It’s short, but powerful.

A few of my own comments:

1.  People who know who they are have power.

Yes, I agree with Josiah on this one.  There is a steadiness, a power, in someone who knows who they are and displays a consistency in decision making because they know who they are.  There is no reason to be blown around by the wind.

2.  People who know who they are attract others.

Whether in dating/marriage, leadership, or in general relationships, I am definitely attracted to people who have a good sense of knowing who they are.  Doesn’t this make perfect sense?  The more un-centered someone is, the more likely they will be to frustrate you, because you won’t know how to track them. People who are all over the road are difficult to love because they are so inconsistent in what they do and say – sometimes even down to a day to day basis.  Gives me a headache just thinking about it.

3.  People – know who you are!

If you are NOT in Christ, please see Jesus as someone who can forgive you and redeem you.  When that fact takes hold in your life, it brings about a self-confidence and self-assuredness that no amount of drama, comparing, wanting-to-be-like-someone-else can every bring about.  When Jesus is the center of your life, your decisions will change, your course will change, your ability to handle criticism and conflict will change, and God will be glorified.  If you ARE in Christ, please let that identity change you every day.  May you give God glory for His grace, and may the love of Jesus Christ will you in powerful ways as you interact with those around you.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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