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Friday Link Highlight 1.18.13 – Thinking about Akron shootings

I posted an article Monday about Akron shootings being all too common.  It gained the most interest this week, and you can read it here:

A few of my thoughts:

1. Don’t fret.

Really, I mean this.  Don’t fret.  It’s horrible that people are being shot and killed, but it’s not the predominant way most people in Akron (crime was down overall in Akron last year) are living.  There is no reason to be sucked into some drama vacuum.  But there is reason to . . .

2. Pray.

Really, I mean this too.  There is every reason to pray.  I know people who have been directly influenced by homicides. Life is never the same.  Pray for peace in our city.  Pray for peace (mental, emotional, most importantly spiritual) in the lives of the victims’ families.  Pray that God would be glorified in Akron and that crime would be reduced.

3. Invest.

The more healthy relationships people have, the more resources they have to deal with stress.  Pray for teens, young adults, gang members, etc. to find and learn how to live in healthy relationships and develop skills that can avoid violent tendencies.  That’s the tough part, but it’s the part that is crucial to helping make changes.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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