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Friday Feature 8.7.15 – The Womb Month By Month


A very interesting article generated the most interest from Monday’s post. A video is included in the article. Check it out using the link below:

What Happens Month by Month Within the Womb?

I’ll add only a couple comments.

1. The science shouldn’t shock us.

That a zygote is shows the basics of biological life? No surprise. Believers in God should see His handiwork even at the very early stages of conception. Both sperm and egg cease to exist at this stage, becoming life. These great truths of the formation of life should help us praise God!

2. To deny the life of the unborn takes a giant leap.

Dreaming, learning, tasting, responding – all things I’ve done over the past couple days. And yet these happen in the womb in ways science can verify. What’s the difference? I’ve come out of the womb, and a baby not yet born has not.

That’s the only difference. Life is life. It’s a great truth and to deny it takes a giant leap in thinking.

Think. How do you define life? Does this article help?

Act. Humans’ view of life is most challenged in crisis. Support ministries which minister these powerful truths of life to those in crises.

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