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Friday Feature 8.2.13 – Are You Free Not to Drink?

Patrick Schreiner has an article about the believer’s use of alcohol.  It poses a good question and I encourage you to read:

Are you free not to drink?

I’ll add a couple other things I thought about.

1. Theological arrogance.

Whether it’s freedom to drink or a particular end times view, many times we can over-emphasize our viewpoints to the point of arrogance.  This, of course, is harmful on many levels. We should be careful not to over-emphasize things, as Schreiner’s article helps us to see.

2. Be sure freedom doesn’t harm.

This is one of Schreiner’s points, but one that can’t be emphasized enough.  The responsibility to help less mature believers avoid growth stunting sin does not fall on the less mature.  The more mature believers bear the burden, and also (if you read Romans 14) bear guilt for doing it.  Believer (especially mature believer), beware!

3. Know what you believe about Scripture.

If Scripture is nothing more than a guide to help you do what you really want, then you are missing the point.  I believe Scripture is something that I should look to for health in every way and in every situation.  Let’s approach it as having answers and guidelines for our behavior!

Act: Is there a freedom you should reign in so that less mature believers are not distracted?

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