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Friday Feature 7.12.13 – The Government Working With Churches?

The answer to the title is “Yes!” Have a read of this week’s most clicked article from Monday’s post.

Statewide Safe Neighborhoods Initiative 

A few comments:

1. Will this happen for very long?

I don’t think it will, without some headway being made in the way churches’ beliefs are perceived. Given the recent language used in the Supreme Court ruling striking down DOMA, it would be very difficult for government leaders to partner with Christians on much of anything.

2. I truly am happy this is happening.

This is something that needs to happen.  Churches should be partnering with neighborhoods in meaningful ways.  To involve the government so awareness is increased? All the better, especially for a program that promotes the common good.

3. People are going to have to make up their mind how much Christians are worth.

This topic is really another blog post all by itself (stay tuned!), but I do think the culture has a crisis: they don’t want conservative Christians’ view on gay marriage, but it seems they’ll conveniently have us where lots of good is done in society. Hmmm . . .

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