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Friday Feature 6.6.14 – Unreal Photos of Detroit’s Decay

I found these photos breathtaking. Apparently Monday’s readers did also. This was Monday’s most clicked link:

It really is worth a look through some of these photos.  After you do, here are a few comments:

1. When things are left alone, it’s never good.

What possession is meant to be left alone and never cared for? I couldn’t think of any. Even if we could think of a few, they would be in the minority. Things that are built begin to decay the minute they’re built. It takes intentionality to care for things; when we don’t, it’s never good.

2. These pictures should warn us about our souls.

There is no picture of the Bible that shows easy, long term obedience. Generally, the longer the time goes by, the LESS obedient people become. It’s easy to become a spiritual wasteland, just like these pictures. Why else would Jesus tell some of the churches in Revelation to return to their first love?

3. Take care of your neighborhood!

In Akron, there is a lot of talk about grass that hasn’t been mowed. Abandoned and unkept properties invite trouble, disappointment, and make things look bad.  Although I think the problems in Detroit are definitely more complicated than taking care of a neighborhood, it really is worth it to be proactive, taking an interest in the neighborhood. As for Akron, would it kill a couple homeowners to mow the abandoned properties on their street to keep the neighborhood looking nice?

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