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Friday Feature 6.28.13 – Three Relationships Every Believer Needs

It’s obvious that I am a fan of discipleship.  All Christians should be: it’s what the guy who raised Himself from the dead told us to do. Out of this week’s Monday Challenge articles, this article (and short 2 minute video) on discipleship received the most clicks. CHECK IT OUT!

Three Indispensable Discipleship Relationships.

A few quick words:

1. I like the balanced approach.

The idea of discipleship can seem overwhelming.  “What do I do?” is a question that will often pop up when a believer wants to make discipleship, but isn’t sure how. This quick article and video give good balance to the types of relationships we should be seeking.

2. Yes, even a brand new believer can help others grow.

If it wasn’t in Scripture, I wouldn’t argue for it. If I hadn’t seen it numerous times on short term missions trips, I wouldn’t encourage it. But, every believer can be an encouragement and reach out to someone farther behind them on the arc of growth.

3. Please don’t wait for your pastor to do it.

Discipleship is for every believer. Don’t wait for your pastor to do the job that Jesus commanded you to do. These three relationships ensure you will be grounded in Scriptural principles as you seek to grow in faith and help others do the same.


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