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Friday Feature 6.13.14 – Marriage Stats: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

The most clicked article from Monday’s post? Specifically, it’s about marriage stats.

Do you believe everything you read when it comes to marriage stats? Don’t.

A few observations:

1. The media is not set up to be positive.

People focus more on negative than positive, so we must realize that. I’m encouraged to hear that positive stats make a difference. Share the link yourself, and give some people some hope!

2. People need hope.

If we carry the negative theme a bit farther, how easy is it to see others’ faults? It’s easy, because it usually helps us feel better about ourselves. But, that’s not hope and grace, that’s squashing people.

A constant theme of this article is that people need hope. Leaders recognize it and desire to give it to people. No pun intended, but that helps give me hope!

3. Most marriages last a lifetime.

How does that sit with you? Does it help? Will it help people you know? Blab the good news!

Think. Is it easy for you to believe bad news before good news?

Act. Probably already covered this, but encourage someone today – marriage do make it!

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