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Friday Feature 5.6.16 – Sex Change Surgery History and Facts



A topic like this may not scream “fun”! But, it draws interest as the culture around us changes quickly. Read Monday’s most popular link here:

What Bruce Jenner, Diane Sawyer, and you should know about sex change surgery.

A couple catch all thoughts about this article:

1. Does the history and tragedy behind this procedure help you understand it better?

We should always seek to understand the world around us. Facts like these can and should shape the way we talk about important issues. Do you get your information from a variety of sources?

2. Does it bring about compassion?

Honestly, I feel terrible for people struggling with gender identity issues. An article like this only breaks my heart. Makes me want to do something.

3. Well…

Hey Kevin, if you want to do something, then suggest something. It is called “Thought Driven ACTION, isn’t it?” To be honest, my thinking is still in the developmental stages. Engaging people with the truth of God’s design, creation, and identity with which He creates us must be a good place to start. Other suggestions?

Think. Do you seek information that helps you think about issues from all sides?

Act. As with anything, it’s hard to do anything about an issue unless you’re willing to engage it somehow. Prayer, yes (NOT a cliche). Teaching and speaking (with great heaps of love), yes. Beyond that….?

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