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Friday Feature 5.27.16 – Women Teaching in Church


Every Friday the article featured got the most clicks from the Monday Challenge post that same week.

Check out this week’s feature article:

Women Teaching Men – How Far Is Too Far?

A couple of my own thoughts:

1. Know the intent of the article.

The article does not seek to evaluate all viewpoints. It operates within a Biblical framework, as detailed, where men primarily teach and lead local churches. The author’s intent involves what influence women should have when this is your view. She challenges the heart, seeking to avoid a rigorous system for decision making.

2. Christians need discernment.

We need discernment to apply the Bible’s teachings. Articles like this help. It may come easily to say this sounds harsh toward women, when in reality it limits itself to direct Biblical teaching and goes from there. The gray area comes in the levels of influence the author deems correct within the Biblical framework.

3. When people disagree.

I know women pastors and women who hold positions in churches which allow them to teach men. Showing love in those situations is my preference, despite a biblical understanding which disagrees.  I know women can have great influence in the body of Christ and I certainly affirm that.

Think. This article should challenge your thinking about relationships between men and women in the local church.

Act. Act in love in disagreement. The real challenge may come in seeking further understanding on the topic.

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