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Friday Feature 3.18.16 – Speed Limits and Worship?

speed limit

Yes, the tone of this week’s Friday Feature directs us to think about obedience to speed limits as worship. Check out the article here:

Speed limits are a call to worship.

Monday’s readers clicked on this link the most, so in case you missed it check it out here. Then see a few of my own thoughts below.

1. I hadn’t made this connection.

I believe Romans 13. I think believers should submit to the government. I just hadn’t thought about a speed limit (and following it) as setting my heart free to worship.

2. I confess.

I read this article over the weekend. This week the presence of God’s peace increased while I slowed down, but it didn’t keep me confined to the speed limit 100% of the time. Maybe this will take some continuous thinking?

3. And you?

I really would love to know how others processed this article. I found it fascinating. I’m glad Monday’s readers did too.

Think. Did this article challenge you to think about worshiping in regard to obedience to the speed limit?

Act. Well…?


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