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Friday Feature 2.7.14 – The Myth (?) of Super Bowl Sex Trafficking

Should we believe everything we read?

I found the following article thought-provoking, and this week’s readers did too.  Check it out, then take a look at a couple quick comments.

FactChecker: Super Bowl Sex Trafficking and Other Myths

Two pertinent comments:

1. The article’s point isn’t to minimize – understand the writer.

I have been misunderstood plenty of times. I’m sure many authors experience the same. This author is NOT trying to claim trafficking is NOT a big deal or even that it doesn’t happen. It does. The POINT of the article seeks to show readers it’s not the epidemic it’s made out to be.

It’s an horrific crime and an horrific problem, but making something out to be worse than it is proves dishonest.

2. Handle information well.

Information is everywhere.  Obviously, not all of the information is good. I’m pretty sure I’ve (erroneously) posted in the past about the trafficking surrounding the Super Bowl. So, when we’re confronted with a piece of info, let’s see if there are other sources that can confirm it. Sometimes mistakes are just mistakes, but a general rule should include thinking well before passing things on.

Think. Have you ever passed on things that aren’t really true?

Act. Take good care in understanding and sharing! We want to represent the truth and it’s easy to get caught in something that sounds real, but really don’t reflect reality.

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