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Friday Feature 2.21.14 – Family Devotions in Real Life

I don’t know if you’ve tried family devotions in real life or not. They’re a lot of fun, but they’re really difficult to maintain. This article speaks well to these points and was the top attention-getter from Monday’s post.

Have a look at Candice Watters’ article entitled “Family Devotions In Real Life”

After you’ve read it, here are a few comments:

1. There is nothing like the Word of God in the home.

It challenges. It reminds us that entertainment, rest, school work, and the calendar are not our gods.  It reminds us that God is God and we have a need for Him.

2. But, it’s hard.

This article does a great job of admitting what we’ve learned in our family: intentions are great. Doing devotions together? Well, that’s quite another thing. Yes, interference will come from every angle possible. Satan doesn’t like the fact that you want God’s Word in your home and he will fight against it.

3. Start simple and celebrate success.

Even if you commit to having a basic conversation of some kind – what the lesson was at church, what happened at school, or why they like a certain song. It is very easy to find out who to pray for, what’s being learned, how everyone processes things, etc.

If you start a diet and try to lose 40 pounds in the first month, what is the likely result? If you say we’re going to do 30 minutes a day of family devotions, this article is wise enough to tell you that you’re probably going to fail.

Start simple!

Think. What benefits would some sort of family devotion have for your home?

Act. Have a conversation, get everyone on board, and give it a shot!

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