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Friday Feature 2.19.16 – Your Ordinary Church


I found this article worth thinking about. Monday’s readers must have found it interesting as well.

Click here to see it: Don’t Be Embarrassed By Your Ordinary Church

Please take the time to read the article. After you have, I’ll include a couple of my own comments below:

1. I’m encouraged to remember God can move anywhere.

God is on the move in many “ordinary” places. He does not need a certain type or brand of church. As a church leader I find great contentment and encouragement knowing God can move anytime, anywhere.

2. Don’t apologize, don’t gloat!

I think the advice of course helps those in “ordinary” churches. But the encouragement should go the other way. If you are a part of a larger church (I’m not against them and I don’t think this author is either), then know that awesome stuff happens in smaller churches just the same.

Think. Does this article challenge your view of church?

Act. Approach any gathering you attend knowing God can work. Pray for it to come about!

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