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Friday Feature 12.6.13 – A Site for Christians With Same Sex Attraction

Monday I posted a link to a site I just ran across.  It’s a site for Christians with same sex attraction, and I found it interesting.  Apparently, readers did too! Have a look at the site and then check out a few of my own comments.

Let me offer a few quotes from the site that should challenge us:

1. When did we last see a successful movie which portrayed a contented bachelor or spinster?

This is a great question.  If all you did was watch T.V. and movies, you’d have a view of relationships that required sex.  If you’re human, you should be having sex – at least that’s what our culture thinks.

Whether it’s young people waiting for the right marriage partner to come along, bachelors still waiting for their spouse, or homosexuals, the message needs to be said and heard: Living without sex is possible!

It is possible for God to meet your needs and satisfy your desires in ways that are superior to sex.

2. “…love and unconditional acceptance of gay people does not require approval of same-sex sexual activity.”

One of the people behind the site offered this gem of a quote in relating their experience with the church.  To hear the media tell it, the church is full of hateful people who denounce all things in relation to same sex attraction.  No doubt some are in this camp, but those with same sex attraction simply can’t include all Bible believing Christians in their wide pronunciations of hatred.

The individual who wrote this quote is NOT the only one who’s found love in a Christian church that doesn’t agree with their behavior.

3. “…homosexual desire is the only thing that God did not originally intend!”

Certainly the Bible teaches that homosexual desire is outside God’s desire for us as humans. But, it’s very important to avoid focusing on it as the only desire God wants us to avoid. Sin is very wide in its scope and stretches from thoughts to actions based on all kinds of distorted passions and desires.  James 4:1-10 is a great place to start to see how to draw near to God in response to all sin.

Personally . . . 

I am overwhelmed that God is gracious. He rejects sin (as He should!) but gives us a way to escape both its punishment and its continuing grip on our lives. Turning to Jesus Christ in faith and repentance both saves us from eternity in hell and gives us the ability to conquer our sin in this life. offers a true reflection of what believing in Jesus can do for anyone – even for those with same sex attraction!

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