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Friday Feature 12.26.14 – The Controversial Christmas Card


Who would have thought Christmas cards – yes, Christmas cards! – would have stirred up controversy? All this during the week of Christmas, no less! Well I’m half kidding. But it was an interesting exchange and certainly a thought provoking article. Hence, Friday’s Feature. Read it for yourself. Then, see a few of my thoughts.

The problem with Christmas Cards (Amy Julia Becker)

A few thoughts:

1. Christmas cards CAN be good. 

As with almost anything in life, potential for both good and bad exists. As one reader pointed out in the Facebook comments of this post, Christmas cards can make “a real treasure” for those receiving them.

So let’s get that out of the way. I read and re-read the article and I just can’t find that the article is against the practice.

2. How we portray ourselves can always be misinterpreted.

We can always send the wrong message. Why wouldn’t that be true when we post a picture and then leave hundreds of “friends” or “followers” to draw their own conclusions?

3. Some of the responsibility is ours.

Is “looking good” our chief goal behind the use of social media? Only our hearts will tell that story. But the story our hearts tell should bring pause. As believers, I think we DO have a responsibility to portray ourselves, both publicly and privately, in a way that helps people see our reliance on grace.

Sending a Christmas card photo doesn’t exactly signal “backslidden believer!” to the world. But relying on those cards for “likes” and affirmation just might reveal deeper issues in the soul.

Think. Your chief goal for sending or sharing pictures is . . .

Act. Do something to reveal your reliance on God’s grace.


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