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Friday Feature 11.6.15 – Being Poor Is Expensive


Happy Friday everyone.

Monday’s readers found this article the most interesting. The topic is challenging:

Why Being Poor Is Too Expensive

Take a look at the article. It will surely make you think.

After you’ve done so, take a look at a couple of my summary thoughts:

1. It’s complex.

Far too often, I think, we search for neat and clean explanations for life’s problems. Helping people out of poverty has no neat clean path.

The simplest things can frustrate someone with little resource. The article does a great job of illustrating that point.

2. Christians can help.

The author suggests believers can help. Making life less expensive for the poor ultimately allows for savings and stability to take the place of overdrafts and craziness.

How this works is where it can get sticky. The author offers little help. Perhaps that wasn’t his point. If you are inclined to help the poor, you can. I’ve seen situations where believers have helped people get ahead and get help.

But, the process has nothing to do with neat, clean, and quick.

Think. Do you know anyone who is poor? What challenges do they face? If you are poor, what do you wish people knew about your situation?

Act. Believers can always find practical ways to live out their faith. Intentionality must precede effective efforts.

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