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Friday Feature 11.18.16 – Election Response: Raw Emotions From A Minority Christian


Good Friday afternoon!

Somewhat to my surprise, this week’s most clicked Monday article examines the raw emotions of an African American Christian following this year’s election. Read it here:

Raw Emotions on the Presidential Election

Friday Feature gives readers a chance to see the most clicked article from Monday. It also allows for a bit of my own insight. You can check that out below:

1. Afraid.

As a white man, I have not experienced fear over another’s racism. One of the few such memories of fear for me involved an impromptu traffic stop by Rwandan military officers who pulled over a caravan of our missionary team.

What this author expresses describes something altogether different, and white believers would benefit by listening.

2. “Perceived Closeted Racism”

I plan to do more digging to understand this concern. I have no basis to call it unfounded. However, I would love to hear a wider view of response to Trump’s election. The question, as presented, should challenge believers to think.

3. Embracing uneasiness.

If I chose, I could skate on past this election without much affect me. Or, I could do some work, listening to others as they process the results. Seeking that understanding will lead me to uncomfortable conversations and reactions I don’t understand. I’m perfectly fine with that!

Think. Do you bring a willingness to listen to the post-election culture?

Act. Engage someone you know you disagree with in a meaningful conversation.

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