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Friday Feature 10.9.15 – How Affairs Begin


TDAS.001From Monday, the most clicked article related six steps to an affair. I hope readers clicked concerned for how to affair-proof your marriage. If you clicked for others reasons, please turn back before it’s too late! Check out the article here:

How an affair really begins.

Only one summary comment here.

1. Don’t lie to yourself.

Throughout the six E’s, the reader can observe steps that involve deception. The article points to the reality that you will be tempted by someone at some point.

Also, coated in this article is intentional or unintentional ignorance of a neglected marriage. If you somehow have bought that your marriage will survive without work, effort, intentionality, or intimacy, truth is lacking.

Think. For a few minutes, make this article about yourself instead of others. Do you identify with any of these steps?

Act. Talk to your spouse. Fight for your marriage. Remember, God desires the survival of your marriage, and even in the most dire circumstances, action and honesty can get a marriage seemingly headed for disaster back on the tracks.

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