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Friday Feature 10.31.14 – Divorce Is Inevitable For Every Marriage


What an interesting title to the Friday Feature. Check out this article which had the most clicks from Monday’s post:

The Wide Road to Divorce

I think this is an honest, good read. Here are some things that stand out:

1. Divorce happens.

It’s not what everyone wants. It’s not flippant. It’s painful. But it happens. And this is one type of story.

Please, if you’ve never been divorced, and you hear that someone has: withhold the judgment.

2. Divorce is inevitable – without . . .

Christ. Yes, without Christ. Without Chris-like love, marriage becomes a VERY difficult proposition. Why is that? Well, you can read Ephesians 5 and see what marriage is supposed to be. Then, you can figure out why it’s a very tough proposition to try it another way.

3. Give or take.

It’s your decision. The author’s point of giving, living to meet another’s needs before your own, is the key. You can do it without Christ and succeed to some extent. The preferred way is to live sacrificially for another because Christ lived and died sacrificially – for you.

Think. Is your marriage performance based?

Act. Try having a conversation with your spouse about how you could better support them and help them – without expecting the same conversation in return regarding what they can do for you.

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