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Friday Feature 10.25.13 – What Many Teens Admit to Doing

I just don’t feel like making a title out of this.  But, if you’re a teen reading this or a parent of teens, it will do you well to add this bit of information to your databank for discernment.

The most clicked article from Monday’s post reveals a disturbing truth: Many teens admit coercing other teens into sexual activity.

Please read this article – it’s informative and helpful for anyone seeking to have a greater awareness.

Here are a few of my own comments:

1. Don’t be surprised.

It’s not like there’s been a big secret about the attempt to revolutionize sexual morals in our country. There should be no surprise to find sexually deviant behavior. Yes, it’s sad. But it’s not a time to sit on the sidelines and cry.

2. No different.

Don’t judge these teens – they’re lost like you and me.  Lost in sin and emotions and very few people are telling them how to conduct themselves in a way that honors God and keeps them safe. So, as repulsive as it is to read stats like this, pray for the teens guilty of this. Their sin is no greater than anything you’ve ever done that must be brought to the cross of Christ for forgiveness.

3. It’s never the victim’s fault.

Slap a big “NEVER” on this. Even someone who kisses someone against their will (as described in the article) is taking advantage of that person.  It is never the wrong thing to leave this kind of relationship or seek help to do so. And if it happens to you, it’s NEVER your fault.

4. You CAN do something.

There is no law against influencing people for positive values, a healthy identity found in Jesus, relationships, and the good old truth that it’s best if you wait to get married before you share your body with someone else sexually.  Please do not hesitate to do that and to lovingly speak truth into the lives of any young people you may know.

Think. Do these stats matter to you? If you have children, does it bother you that something like this may happen to your child?

Act. Speak. Influence. Pray. And above all, if you have kids at these ages, talk about who they’re hanging out with and what situations are worth avoiding.

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