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Friday Feature 10.23.15 – A Mom Writes Her Sons About Sex


It’s Friday once again. Readers found this article challenging. Ann Voskamp writes her sons about sex and why they should wait until marriage. Check out this well written article here:

About Not Waiting Till Marriage: What Noe One Tells Kids & What I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Please read this. It’s thoughtful and well put together.

A couple things really stand out to me:

1. There is nothing casual about giving away your soul.

I love Voskamp’s slant that the skin only represents the surface of the soul. You can’t do something in your flesh that won’t affect your soul.

Anyone involved in casual, pre-marital, or extra-marital sex should stop and think about this point. Please commit now to saving this act for someone who you wish to connect with on the best, deepest level imaginable in marriage.

2. Acceptance.

If sex involves all feelings and no true security, then it cannot reflect the Gospel. The Gospel affects us, challenges us, leads us into deep waters of trusting that Jesus won’t bail on us because He knows our sin.

Sex should be the same way. What a challenge.

Think. Did this article challenge your view of sex in any way?

Act. Who can you share Voskamp’s article that will teach them some precious truths about sex?

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